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Polystar Industries (L.L.C) Located at Jebel Ali Industrial Area (No.2), Dubai – U.A.E, we are ideally located for the punctual and cost-effective distribution of our products world wide. Fully equipped with most up-to-date fully automatic, computerized, German machinery, the Factory is able to manufacture to highest standards with experienced Technicians exercising complete quality control at every stage, including finishing and packaging.

Polystar Industries (L.L.C) A company known for quality products since its inception was established in 2004 with just a handful of people. Determination and hard work earned the company a reputation that is hard to match in the region. Today, our company name has become synonymous with quality products. Our corporate philosophy "Quality without Compromise" has proved to be out company's formula to success.

Polystar Industries (L.L.C) As a matter of policy, all products prepared by us are manufactured from high grade commodity and engineering plastics. The company is equipped with the latest technology and machinery. Our products are manufactured in compliance with international standards. The company has very high stringent quality control and each batch of material is thoroughly checked and inspected before despatch.

Polystar Industries (L.L.C) Our Products are manufactured in our state of the art production facility through two different manufacturing lines: high quality injection Molds with / without hot runner systems line & Blow Molding line.

Polystar Industries (L.L.C)

  • Land Area:
  • Production Area:
  • Clean Room Area:
  • Injection Moulding Machines:
  • Blow Moulding Machine:
  • Filling Lines:
  • Employees:

8.630 m2
5.400 m2
800 m2

Polystar Industries (L.L.C) Global procurement and strategic partners, we offer a full service for your specific plastics needs & we are specialist in but not limited to the following fields:

  • Medical & Pharma devices
  • Diagnostics plastic parts
  • Medical packaging
  • Health & Beauty Care packaging
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Catering Supplies
  • Electrical plastic parts
  • Automotive plastic parts

Polystar Industries (L.L.C) We are providing the service of cosmetics packaging and filling. As Vaseline, Creams ...etc. We have four sophisticated filling machines and high equipped clean room.

Polystar Industries (L.L.C) Values are a significant part of our operation. We believe that without values , cannot set goals for now or in the future.
High Quality: Our top priority is to ensure high quality of our products. In order to improve our quality and productivity , we do extensive checks,up-date our knowledge, while use necessary technology, techniques and methods .

Responsiveness / Flexibility:
Polystar Industries answer to our client's need through offering the best solutions for creating , manufacturing and delivering products.

After sales Services : For us, sales does not end when the products leave from the factory.

Value for money Products: For Polystar Industries, reasonable, low prices are a strategic goals.

Constant Education: Of the people working for Polystar Industries on new technologies and methods.

Respect to the Safety and Health : Of working people , partners, associates and customers.

Respects to the Environment : Protection of the environment is one of our non negotiable values

Polystar Industries (L.L.C) Mission to offer to our Clients best quality products and services, at the best value for money pricing,with respect to the environment.

Polystar Industries (L.L.C) Vision to be one of the top middle sized – companies for Designing / manufacturing / bottling of private label cosmetics and detergents, for personal, household and professional use in the world.

Therefore, we believe that our above detailed explanation can support you to strengthen your confidence to work with our company, and we look forward to receiving your inquiries.

Polystar Industries

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